Winner of the bag O yarn giveaway and a long probably sometimes drawn out important message.

Okay to the very first overdue bit of business the winner of my birthday big bag o yarn giveaway (picked by random number genny as always) is Janet Croon well done my lovely - I know just how thrilled you will be with this so big big loves<3

In person dye session with craft conspiracy (previously cancelled due to my dads death) to be held on the 2nd of December and the video for the dye your own yarn class will be uploaded after that.

Okay so onto something sad and THIS WILL BE A LONG READ (often times boring so bear with me) Over the last few weeks while recovering from my surgery - thank you for all your well wishes - I've been going over my numbers and business and all that fun stuff and have reached a conclusion that Flock and Needle has reached critical mass, there is no more I can do alone and no way I can take on more help as I simply do not make enough from doing this as hard as that is to say.

Along with this realization is another feeling in me of frustration, I am always one to encourage others, I have been happy to share my techniques and processes and even with few my product sources, these are all things I am willing to happily share because dyeing yarn is a joy that everyone who loves yarn and knitting should experience. I have however in recent months noticed some bad feelings in the dyer community, instances of copying others ideas, concepts and even colourways (and the colourways names) have become more and more evident, personally I've always tried to blaze trails, to innovate to add more products you guys might find exciting, but this is getting exhausting for me especially when theres people hot on my heels waiting to see what I am doing for their own ends. Do not get me wrong I welcome anyone into the industry who are just trying to bust in like I did, I want to grab those people with both hands to see their amazing works and rejoice in it as long as its not a direct rip off of some other dyer I'm sorry its just not cricket.

These two issues are my main reasons for what I am about to share - as of January 31st Flock and Needle will cease trading, I will be closing before I am made bitter and angry and frustrated and tired by all of it, Flock and Needle is my third child, the way I built myself  up from the ground and the reason I have some of the most AMAZING friends in the world now. It has opened up a world to me I never knew existed let along belonged to, the fibre tribe is that of some of the most loving and amazing people I have ever met. I would not be the person I am today without this business and I dont want to spoil it for myself.

So there it is, we have an end date, that doesn't mean I will disappear completely I have plans but those will take some time to put into action and I will of course share that once its ready. In the mean time I am working through open orders this coming week and we will have one last pre order session to commence dyeing in January, pre orders will end as of 31st of December and that last dye session will include extra outlanders and beasts to cash out any existing subscriptions we have open so some of you will get some fancy bumper packages in February. In January I will be listing all on stock items that I have here and perhaps a few new bits and pieces you wont have seen before (there may be some yak silk looking at me from its box as we speak) and then thats it I will take a bow and close the curtain on Flock and Needle.


It has been an incredibly rough year this year and I want to take a moment to thank you all for your immeasurable support and love and kindness you are all my family and I wouldn't have made it through the year without you all, your wit, your support and love of yarn are just some of the most inspiring things ever to me. 

much much big big love,

Ali xo

P.S. OFC I will be having one LAST big ass sale from now until close and one LAST giveaway so anyone who buys anything between today and December 31st will be entered to win that LAST Flock and Needle big bag o yarn giveaway.

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  • Bronwyn Stringer says...

    Hi there,
    I placed an order late last year. Received a message saying it was on its way, Po Box 8985
    GCMC 9726 amount $32??
    Bronwyn Stringer
    Still not received. How do I contact you in person?

    January 23, 2018

  • jen says...

    devastating news, keep selfishly hoping it might change.
    wishing you nothing but health and happiness

    December 07, 2017

  • Angela England says...

    I just found you but this very much resonated with me – I wish you well as you continue on to your next journeys and if you’re every interested in partnership with a course on Untrained Housewife let me know. I think it could be very fun and something to keep you connected with fiber in some ways. ((hugs)) I know first hand how hard it is to prune things away in your life but pruning is always followed by some new growth in exciting new directions.

    November 27, 2017

  • Teri says...

    Ali, thank you for your message. I say thank you, because it could not be easy. I have run knitting101 and have had my ups and downs, scaled back classes, frankly because I am one person. I am so sorry you have had to deal with the underbelly of the fiber industry. And, whatever your next steps I look forward to cheering you on. I lost my dad last year, and can understand the pain such a major even can cause. Sending you a big hug and warm knitters thoughts. Wishing you happy knitting and success in your future next steps.

    November 19, 2017

  • Diana says...


    November 19, 2017

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